All in Told by The Red Dragon

“You need a call sign--No, not a call sign. A signature.”


“Like something you say when you attack bad guys, to put fear into them. Or when you leave and you say you’ll be back.” 

Dragon Little was looking at him and shaking her head. 

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“I already showered,” she said quickly. Since a few months previously, they had a small shower next to her cabin, with a curtain and a showerhead permanently there. So it was possible for her to have done what she said. On the other hand, her hair, face, and neck were all full of dried goblin blood from yesterday’s battle.

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Dragon Father was furious over the mess on Bonny’s Revenge’s deck. While he was gone for hours (in his waking world), Bonny’s Revenge had been parked near the beach of an island. Dragon Little, now three and a half years old, had transported beach sand to the deck and played with it. A lot of beach sand. 

“You just turned the deck into a beach! That’s what you did!”

Dragon Little shrugged. 

Dragon Father opened the book. He looked at it, but for some reason could not read it. 

“What’s going on?” he said to himself. He turned a page. My sharp eyes could see from high above: The writing was foggy. 

He moved the book closer to his eyes and further from his eyes. “Why can’t I see what it says?”

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When she came out, he was sitting down, his back leaning on the deck.

He was emotionally exhausted, and so was she. 

“Come here,” he said, spreading his arms. 

She made an angry face, then walked towards him. She fell into him and hugged him as he hugged her. 

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“Surrender, girl!” he screamed at the top of his voice and aimed his sword at her face. 

“You know what you have to say, Captain Badass!” she said, at all flustered by the threat. “Tweedle weedle dee!”

He hesitated. He looked around at his pirates. He probably suspected her of using some kind of ploy, but was comforted by the numbers. “Eh…. Surrender… Please?

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“They held them off at the border, fighting to the last feather. They held them off for the fifteen minutes we needed to regather our forces and to join the battle. By then they had died. But they had given their lives so that we all may live. They are heroes. A father cannot ask more than for his children to die in battle as they did.”

“Wow…” Dragon Little sounded speechless and awed. 

Then, after a short silence, she said, “I want to die in battle.”

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