The Red Dragon


My name ist The Red Dragon.

It ist not the name I was born with.

It ist the name given to me by Joy Shelley, who also calls me ‘Red’. Before that, my enslavers had given me another name. I will never repeat it.

My mother had probably chosen a name for me before I was born. But I have never seen her. I was separated from my mother at birth and enslaved as soon as I took my fifth breath. My enslavers gave me the only name I had known for most of my life. It ist the name I will never say again.

Joy Shelley… she also has another name. I call her Dragon Little. I think she ist like me a little bit. I also think… I always wanted to be a mother, even though I cannot give birth due to my circumstances. Dragon Little ist the daughter I would like to have had.

Dragon Little’s father, Justin (which I call ‘Dragon Father’), raises her on Bonny’s Revenge, a pirate ship that can sail through water, the air and space almost as well as a dragon.

I am hundreds of years old. I have seen dozens of dragons enslaved. I know I live in the Dream, for I do not come from Dragon Father’s dream. I have seen others’ dreams. I have seen many of the secrets of the Dream. I know how harsh the worlds of dreamers can be for Dragon Little.

Dragon Father teaches her to be a swashbuckler, for that ist the only thing he dreams about, and every day they battle villains of all sorts.

Without knowing the dangers that await them, without knowing that when he ist awake she remains on the ship, he still teaches her to survive in the harsh Dream world through his adventures. It will not be enough. Nothing can prepare her for a place where everything ist possible.

Dragon Little was only two years old when she and Dragon Father rescued me and gave me my freedom. I am glad they did. I stayed behind out of loyalty, friendship, and fear of the dangers that await me should I ever leave Dragon Father’s dream.

It ist painful to admit, but I am deathly afraid, you see. I am a fierce creature, and I have been beaten and tortured by evil creatures more fierce than a dozen dragons. I stay here, hiding behind the suns’ bright lights, and watch Dragon Little and Dragon Father every day of their lives. I would like to think I am protecting them, for I would protect her with my life. But I am always afraid my fear would have me abandon her if my enslavers ever find Dragon Father’s dream.

I have learned to respect Dragon Father and to love Dragon Little.

They call for my help very rarely. And when they do, I always come. But a short adventure ist all I can stomach. I slink back to my hiding place and recover my spirit.

When the time comes, Dragon Father will write the books of Joy’s life. But in-between those books, in-between those stories of great adventure and discovery, are small everyday episodes that my little dragon girl went through, small things that reveal her life and her true self.

I will tell you some of them. At least, as far as I saw them.