‘The Squashbuckler Diaries’ are the daily tales of Joy Shelley’s Life in the Dream. The ‘Lost in Dreams’ books will tell the story of what happens to her at ages 6, 9, 12, 15, and so on. The diaries tell us what happens before, after, and between the books.

#79: Sleeping Father

“I’ll tuck you in.”

It was two-and-a-half-year-old Dragon Little who forced her father into her cot in her cabin on Bonny’s Revenge.

Sighing and against his will, he had already entered the bed and lay in it in the fetal position. Dragon Little was pulling the blanket over his body.

“Joy, come on, we’ve got bad guys to catch, damsels to save!”

“Shhh, shhh,” she put her tiny hand to his forehead. “You’re very tired.”

He sighed. “Yes, I’m very tired.”

“Shhh, shhh,” she patted his cheek roughly. “Pleasant dreams,” she parroted what he always told her.

“I’m really not tired.”

“Shhh, shh, you’re very tired.” she patted him on the ears.

He sighed. “Yes, I’m very tired.” He forced a yawn. “Really tired. I’m going to sleep. Good night.” He closed his eyes.

“Good night, myjoy,” she told him.

He opened his eyes quickly. “No, that’s what I tell you! You’re my Joy!”

She looked at him for a second. Then her eyes opened wide in understand. “Good night, my Dad!”

“Good night, my Joy.”

She pulled the blanket over his head. “Comfy?”

He sighed. “Yes. Are we done?”

She patted the blanket where his cheek should have been. “Shh, shh, you’re very tired.”

—Told by The Red Dragon

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