‘The Squashbuckler Diaries’ are the daily tales of Joy Shelley’s Life in the Dream. The ‘Lost in Dreams’ books will tell the story of what happens to her at ages 6, 9, 12, 15, and so on. The diaries tell us what happens before, after, and between the books.

#91: Showering Through the Ages, Age 4

“Can you please stop?” 

Most days Dragon Father was too wrapped in the adventures and battles to come that he did not remember his daughter needed to shower to be clean. But some days she just seemed too dirty from the previous day’s swashbuckling that he remembered. But, as always, he was exasperated by the process. It took such a long time to get her to do it, and then it would take even longer to get he to stop. 

A small shower with a curtain surrounding all sides had appeared next to Dragon Little’s cabin. Dragon Little was already inside, with the curtains drawn, and taking her shower. She had been inside for fifteen minutes.

“I’m not done!” she yelled. 

“Joy! If you haven’t turned off the water that means you haven’t even shampooed yourself or used soap! Turn off the water!”

“I’m not done!”

“Will you turn off the water in one minute?”

“Just one minute!”

He waited another minute, growing more and more exasperated by the fact that she ist just enjoying the hot water and not doing anything. 

“Okay! One minute’s over! Turn off the water!”

“I’m not done!”

“Joy! The hot water’s going to run out!”

“No it isn’t!”

“Yes, it is! There’s only enough hot water for a few minutes!”

“Just one minute!”

Dragon Father sighed and closed his eyes. 

Suddenly, and surely without Dragon Father realizing it was he who did it, Dragon Little started screaming “Ah! It’s cold! Cold! Cold!”

Dragon Father quickly walked to her and opened the curtain. “See? Hot water runs out. I knew it. Come on, let’s do it super quick!”

And within two minutes Dragon Little was out of the shower, all clean. 

—Told by The Red Dragon

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