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My heart beat faster. Joy! I thought. Joy Shelley! You can’t die so young!

Then I saw her turn around in the air, and begin to fire at the swarm chasing her.

I hit the water as if it was a brick floor. All I could think about was Joy, no longer ‘Dragon Little’. Now she was the girl I needed to save.

“Hold it, hold it!” Five and a half year old Dragon Little raised her hand. She was armed as usual with a laser pistol on one side of her belt and a sword on the other. “Before we start the battle, I have one question.”

“Yessssss?” the Lord of the Flies whispered menacingly.

“You guys have jokes, right?”

“Of coursssssssse…”

“Okay. Try this. Knock knock.”

In two seconds, I stopped just above the water, my body and wings slightly bigger than their ship, my face mere centimeters from my two favorite people.

“How are you doing, my Dragon Little?” I asked and smiled.

Dragon Little’s smile was even greater. She jumped on my nose and hugged my head. “Red! Red! I missed you!”