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The first few days after I had met Dragon Little and Dragon Father, after they had rescued me from my enslavers and gave me my freedom, these first few days were hard for me. 

It was hard for me to get used to freedom. It was hard for me to close my eyes without imagining my enslavers hitting me with their painful prods or whipping me with electric whips. 

During those days I hid behind one of the planets, where I thought I could escape. It was hard to sleep. It was hard to stay awake, for I was always afraid that the evil ones will return, searching for me. 

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My heart beat faster. Joy! I thought. Joy Shelley! You can’t die so young!

Then I saw her turn around in the air, and begin to fire at the swarm chasing her.

I hit the water as if it was a brick floor. All I could think about was Joy, no longer ‘Dragon Little’. Now she was the girl I needed to save.

“Hold it, hold it!” Five and a half year old Dragon Little raised her hand. She was armed as usual with a laser pistol on one side of her belt and a sword on the other. “Before we start the battle, I have one question.”

“Yessssss?” the Lord of the Flies whispered menacingly.

“You guys have jokes, right?”

“Of coursssssssse…”

“Okay. Try this. Knock knock.”

“Red,” Dragon Little shouted over the wind. “Do dragons have jokes?”

“I am sad to say that all dragons are enslaved. They are not allowed to have fun,” I said.

“Okay.Then, I’ll teach you one!”

“Okay,” I smiled. I have been watching them from afar at all times. I have seen Dragon Little’s ‘jokes’. I knew what was coming.