‘The Squashbuckler Diaries’ are the daily tales of Joy Shelley’s Life in the Dream. The ‘Lost in Dreams’ books will tell the story of what happens to her at ages 6, 9, 12, 15, and so on. The diaries tell us what happens before, after, and between the books.

#84: Missing, Part 5

It took six hours for Dragon Little to finally come out of the Infinite Corridor. 

I heard her steps all the while. She walked forward for a long time, then stopped for a few minutes. She walked, and then cried for a few minutes. 

Dragon Father himself emerged after three hours, and he spent the remaining time on the deck. His face was sour. He kicked the deck and the mast. He walked around aimlessly. He started towards the Infinite Corridor, then changed his mind. 

When she came out, he was sitting down, his back leaning on the deck.

He was emotionally exhausted, and so was she. 

“Come here,” he said, spreading his arms. 

She made an angry face, then walked towards him. She fell into him and hugged him as he hugged her. 

“I’m sorry,” he said. “It’s just, I was so worried. I thought something had happened to--”

And he vanished. No doubt it was already morning wherever his real home was, for he had spent hours searching for her and waiting for her once he found her. 

Dragon Little, now being hugged by nothing, fell forward just a bit before she caught herself. 

She lowered her head in disappointment, turned around and went into her cabin.

—Told by The Red Dragon

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