All in Age: 4.5

It was a long day. Dragon Little and Dragon Father fought the army of killer Martians throughout the entire day. There was sword-fighting, running in corridors, jumping over roofs, a chase down a steep hill, jumping from spaceship to spaceship and back again. 

They were victorious and the evil Martian dictator was defeated, arrested, and escorted by Dragon Little to his new cell in the Infinite Prison at the bottom of Bonny’s Revenge

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“Look at you,” Dragon Father said. “I’m so proud of you. You are so amazing. My little girl, do you know I love you?”

I heard silence. 

“I love you more than anything in the world,” he continued. His voice was come, full of warmth. He sounded shocked at his own feelings as he thought about it. “I think… No, you are… You are what I love most in the world.”

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Dragon Little - the small, human girl whose real name was Joy Shelley, not yet five years old - stood with her arms and hands shaking in the middle of a pool of blood. She was covered with blood, none of which was her own, and the pool of red around her was twice the length of her arms. Beyond that and all around the pool was the mangled and slashed body of the giant, flying octopus that had kidnapped her. 

Her sword and small laser pistol lay behind her in the pool of blood. 

She breathed hard and did not move. 

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When she came out, he was sitting down, his back leaning on the deck.

He was emotionally exhausted, and so was she. 

“Come here,” he said, spreading his arms. 

She made an angry face, then walked towards him. She fell into him and hugged him as he hugged her. 

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