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All that I have told you before in the last few days about Dragon Little’s dehydration, the lack of water, and how Mary, the nanny who would soon be dead, tried to help Dragon Little - all that ends here. Because what Mary did the next day and each and every following day of her short life - what she did saved Dragon Little’s life. 

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“Mary, is she still asleep?” he shouted, all full of vigor and success. 

“Yes, sir.” 

“That’s ridiculous! Wake her up! I’ll wake her up!” he immediately said, rushing past Mary. “Joy! Wakey-wakey! Time’s a-wasti--” and with that, he disappeared. 

Mary went into Dragon Little’s cabin. I heard her gasp. “The water! Where’s all the water?!”

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“These were not there before,” Mary said firmly in her soft voice. “There was no water to drink! The lass was thirsty!”

“Mary, you’re being silly. You just need to look better. Everywhere you look there’s water on this ship.”

He was right. But she was also right, for he had just created all the water when she mentioned it. But he did not know that, for he did not seem to know he was in a dream and that he was the dreamer. 

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Mary walked around the deck, searching for previous bottles of water. But every bottle she found was empty of water. 

“Mary,” two-year-old Dragon Little almost cried. “I’m thirty.” 

“I’m sorry, lass, there isn’t any water around,” she said with true sadness. “We will need to ask your father to fetch water when he returns.” 

Mary was clearly speaking slowly and with trepidation. She knew that Dragon Father usually comes fourteen hours more or less after he disappears. And he had only just disappeared.

Dragon Little was two years old when she discovered that any time she touched the wheel of Bonny’s Revenge, the pirate ship they lived on would start moving. 

This was before Mary’s death. When Dragon Father was not around, but awake in his ‘real’ world, Mary would watch over Dragon Little and help her. 

But Mary was not always capable of handling Dragon Little’s speed and determination. 

Dragon Little and Mary were playing hide and seek on the deck, when Dragon Little hid behind the wheel. 

As she peeked to see if Mary saw her, she touched the wheel, and the ship lurched, turning to one side. 

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“Look there! See the island?”

A small island appeared right next to Bonny’s Revenge. It was not much bigger than three Bonny’s Revenges, or my adult dragon body. It was circular and looked like a small hill in the middle of the ocean. It was filled with small, shoddy, unorganized graves. A small wooden cabin stood in the middle of the island, surrounded by graves.