All in Age: 3.5

Dragon Father was furious over the mess on Bonny’s Revenge’s deck. While he was gone for hours (in his waking world), Bonny’s Revenge had been parked near the beach of an island. Dragon Little, now three and a half years old, had transported beach sand to the deck and played with it. A lot of beach sand. 

“You just turned the deck into a beach! That’s what you did!”

Dragon Little shrugged. 

“Nah, nah, nah. You tried to poke my eyes out. You’re the cheater! I’m the mightiest of them all!” He held both arms to his sides and bent then, as if he was showing his muscles. Which he didn’t really have. Not in the dream, at least. I do not know what he looked like back on Earth.

I’m the mightiest of them all!”

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